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Allen Digital Computer Organ Manual

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After two years of growth, the Allen Digital Computer Organ was introduced to the world at a press conference at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, in 1971. Originally designed for use in churches, the Allen all-digital electronic organ was excellent for smaller churches that lacked the house for a traditional pipe organ. The organ was installed in St. Andrews’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Easton, Pennsylvania in 1971. It was changed with a larger Allen organ in 1994. Beautiful condition Allen Computer Church Organ, sounds unimaginable.

The all-digital organ made by Allen was one of the first to use digital sampling but additionally LSI devices. The Allen Organ Company worked with Rockwell International, an aerospace company and a key participant in the development of the Apollo space program, to develop the expertise to provide a digital musical instrument.

Lowered Giant Allen Organ May Be A Pipe Organ Console Keyboards And Bench

Never had the official seat for it, but i’m sure you could discover something.

Description This organ was made by Allen Organ Company in Macungie, Pennsylvania, in 1971. It is a Digital Computer organ, System 300 mannequin, with two keyboards, pedalboard, and bench. Accessioned with authentic owner’s manual, “how-to” sheet, tone card instruction books, set of tone cards, two Allen speakers (#23264 and #23265) and reference supplies. Model A-1405 Custom Designed Organ3 Manual Allen Organ 1982, has SDS additions, seize board was changed in 2021, works quite well now.Available approx May, 2022.Has Antiphonal and Fanfare trumpet, separate audio system. Has card reader to add stops on ‘alterables’.Organ is in Wichita, KSFull Price consists of removing from choir loft to ground degree.