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Android Fading Edge

Here’s everything you need to know about Android Fading Edge. Find all the information it in this article.

That answers one other question I had, which was how to point out a scroll was out there. However, I still can not seem to change that orange shade…

If I move the underside gallery a little bit further, the higher small gallery switches its place and now there is a fading edge on both galleries. “all the time” and “never” should be self-explanatory, “ifContentScrolls” will solely show the impact if the content material doesn’t absolutely match within the view with out scrolling. I have tried this attribute, however it does not work. It appears that this attribute/method only apply to AbsListView. Connect and share data within a single location that’s structured and simple to go looking.

Android Fadingedgelayout

The fading edges aren’t applied as colour overlay however somewhat linear gradient alpha mask of the content material. So it’ll naturally observe the color of the background. Will set the background to white, and the cacheColorHint is used to draw the fading edge shade — in this case, it would be black. A fading edge continues to be visible at the top , even though I’ve disabled the fading edge, and set the Length to 0.

An android library to display the licenses of your utility libraries in a straightforward method. There was an issue making ready your codespace, please try again. Asking for assist, clarification, or responding to other answers.


Add setOverscrollFooter and setOverscrollHeader on your view object. This impact is recognized as an Over Scroll Effect. In the primary picture you’ll have the ability to see, that there isn’t any fading edge.

The similar impact seems on the best sight. I had this question about a horizontalscrollview, and the above modifications to the xml worked for it . He’s proper, this is the only approach to get a coloured fade area whereas using a background image. Technical posts may embrace learnings, tutorials, trouble-shooting steps, video tutorials, code snippets, how-to, blogs, articles, and so on. Code2care is an initiative to publish and share diversified data in programming and technical areas gathered during day-to-day learnings and development activities.


If I add some black house between the top of the WebView and the Android Status Bar, the fading edge is no longer seen. I even have changed to this theme, and it has not affected the fading edge color. Trending sort is predicated off of the default sorting technique — by highest score — however it boosts votes which have happened lately, helping to floor extra up-to-date answers. I do not need to put any drawables on high or one thing like that.

I need to accomplish it using the builtin fading edge, most likely by overriding some scrollview functions. Depending on the loading time of the listview this may look awkward. (e.g. listview seems with the background color earlier than the list cells are drawn on top)… Browse different questions tagged android image gallery fading or ask your own question. Both galleries are nested in a linear layout, which is nested once more in a linear format. I never touch the values for the fading edge.

Android开发之神奇的fading Edge,让你的view更有层次感!

I have an Android scrollview with a white background. The fading edge is a white translucent gradient. I would like to change it’s black as an alternative of white. I even have a ListView in the identical project with a white background that has a black fading edge by default, but I cannot discover where that was set. See the License for the particular language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

Can you please tell, why would you need to do that? The fading impact is designed for the particular purpose of informing the person that he can scroll in that path. If you change it to at all times present fading edge, the user would think he can scroll in any direction and assume that something is damaged when it isn’t attainable. But I don’t perceive why it is affecting the fading edge of the larger gallery.