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Com Android Cts Ctsshim

Here’s everything you need to know about Com Android Cts Ctsshim. Find all the information it in this article.

Account, sync, cloud, backup … on the location how to REMOVE It is responsible for installing functions. Visual element from the MIUI shell.

And if I understand correctly, it’s for the work of twin modules. KEEP Component of Google companies.


Forget complex setups & maintenance hassles. Focus on creating dependable Android or iOS checks utilizing a FREE Appium-powered platform, with built-in stories, designed to help deliver high quality at velocity.

This saves you time and improves your productiveness. 如果说有界面的app,则会有多个,则可以从AndroidManifest.xml查找Category或者根据命名(名字带main的Activity)来判断哪个是主Activity。 一般都是从lanucher开始,到main,或者有的进登陆界面。 If you want to hire me for a full-time job with relocation please drop me a observe with a type under. Now you ought to use Link2SD to type Frozen apps + by Data and clear all forzen app DATA.


Using the Package Manager, press clear application information, grant and revoke permissions, and also listing all the put in purposes. FREEZ com.miui.videoplayer Mi Video Stock video participant. I do not advise getting rid, first of all, to those who broadcast movies on TV. This is kind of the one participant that allows you to send video to the TV, while permitting you to continue to use the cellphone.

KEEP CaptivePortalLogin Function that permits you to authenticate customers utilizing an internet browser. When a non-authenticated user connects to a Wi-Fi community, entry to all sources is blocked.

Table Of Contents – Helpful Adb Commands For Android Testing

Stupid and gluttonous, up to site visitors and vitality, balalaika. Be very cautious, don’t uninstall important system apps, uninstall apps that you see on the watch residence screen drawer or watch widgets… I hope the instructions presented in this article have been useful to you and saved some effort when operating your tests. It is also good to point out that the ADB shell instructions may be executed from UI Automator scripts, so they can also be useful on your automation scripts. You can even use TestProject’s ADB Wrapper Community Addon to execute any ADB shell command.

KEEP com.androidfileexplorer.FileExplorerApplication The application can be an Explorer, but the model is marked as “old”. Apparently forgot to REMOVE from the firmware … The fact is then, it isn’t clear why it was frozen initially.

Androidp Http请求错误

FREEZ com.miui.vsimcore VsimCore Component for the appliance from the merchandise “Mi Roaming”. FREEZ Peel Mi Remote Plugin for Mi Remote . Affiliate video service, broadcast on TV by way of WiFi. Call Log Backup / Restore Backup and name log restoration. In theory, you possibly can delete it. This is in fact, if you are not going to backup it.

But I didn’t begin to delete. REMOVE Google browser. It’s better to put in it later as a user utility. Control over it’ll seem. KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.seccamservice SecCamService Responsible for the operation of the digital camera.

《linux 封禁大批量 Ip 地址黑名单》

Perhaps interplay with SecProtect. KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.auth.sampleauthenticatorservice SampleAuthenticatorService No info.

KEEP org.codeaurora.btmultisim No infa. From my very own analysis, I will assume that this rubbish permits you to make calls by connecting to your telephone or one other phone.

Clear Application Information

KEEP TalkBack An application to assist manage your smartphone, folks with disabilities. Search the Internet for “FRP bypass.” It does not get up the phone and does not ask for food. According to a different model, QDMA is Qualcomm Device Management & Analytics . In terms of FREEZing / eradicating, I am only for it. For the reason that among the permissions, full entry to the Internet, with out restrictions. Access to the telephone just isn’t clear why.


Another required setup with a certain frequency is clearing the application knowledge earlier than launching it. This takes much less time than absolutely discharging a battery. FREEZ com.qualcomm.wfd.service Wfd Service Wireless display . KEEP com.xiaomi.xmsf Xiaomi Service Framework The main element of all xiaomi services.

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You understand how the distribution of the Internet, so it could be stated, the distribution of the ability to call. And but, since that is a half of miui, I dare to assume that it will not be required for a third-party launcher. KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.StatsPollManager From the name “Statistics Survey Manager”. Maybe simply analytics of something, or maybe a survey of cell towers. KEEP com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel Something related to switching communications, between 2G / 3G / 4G standards.


URGENT CLEAR_DATA + FREEZ com.xiaomi.joyose Joyse Analytics and promoting. We demolish and do not bathe. By the way in which, it has on board the function “no sleep cp” – not to let the processor sleep. And this is no longer good for autonomy. If you delete, you just have issues accessing the reminiscence card. FREEZ Stock Browser , not important, but I extremely suggest leaving it.


KEEP com.xiaomi.location.fused FusedLocationProvider Geolocation over networks. KEEP com.miui.rom Another one of many primary elements of MIUI. KEEP Explorer File Manager MIUI. But, with out it, it is not going to be attainable to use third-party matters. FREEZ Email Email shopper, you presumably can.