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Which Of The Following Is The Lightest Computer

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You can clear out pointless applications out of your Startup folder. Having the most recent version of software program merchandise could make your system extra dependable. When you defrag your onerous drive, it really works more efficiently. A) Having the latest version of software products could make your system extra reliable.

The small circuit boards that hold a collection of RAM chips are called ________. Describe how multiple exceptions may be dealt with in a program. All of the next are part of the machine cycle EXCEPT ________. A community that spans a large physical distance is called a ________..

Which Is The Lightest Of The Following Types Of Computers?

A) List all programs you’d run simultaneously and the quantity of RAM every wants and add collectively. B) Count the variety of out there slots on the motherboard. C) Divide the variety of used memory slots by the variety of complete memory slots. D) Monitor RAM usage in performance monitor and calculate an average of RAM used over 10 random durations. The processor market for desktop and laptop computer computers is dominated by ________. A personal digital assistant is a handheld gadget that integrates computing, phone/fax, and networking.

As lengthy as you keep your computer in a room with regular temperatures, you wouldn’t have to fret about your storage gadget failing. Department of Defense suggests that the data be overwritten ________ instances. The rule of thumb that predicts that CPU capability will double every 2 years is called ________ Law. A ________ is a network positioned in your residence that connects to all of your digital units..

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Desktop model computer systems have three inner mass storage devices due to their form. Sometimes, slimline models are used to explain very small desktop fashions.

A typical PDA functions as a cellular telephone and fax sender. They use a stylus to enter information quite than a keyboard.

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________ is the actual speed of knowledge switch that is achieved and is at all times lower than or equal to the info transfer fee. Our writers are skilled and produce analysis based mostly content material. We are working with well-known organizations and companies. It responds to a set of specific instructions in a clearly outlined manner.

A portable, small laptop that can be positioned in your lap. Laptop computers are also known as notebook computers.

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B) An accumulation of short-term Internet files has no effect on your pc’s general efficiency. C) You can clean out unnecessary applications out of your Startup folder. D) When you defrag your hard drive, it works more effectively. The traditional huge iron machines have been known as “mainframe computers” after the event of smaller “minicomputers” in the 1970s. A Mainframe pc is an expensive and huge laptop that can simultaneously help hundreds or even thousands of users. A mainframe and a supercomputer are completely different in that a mainframe can execute multiple packages simultaneously.

A small, portable laptop that may be carried in one’s palms. Because of their small screens and keyboards, handheld computer systems are still very handy to use. Handheld pc that provide personal info supervisor functions are the most popular. Manufacturers are working to eliminate the issue of the tiny keyboard by using an digital pen as a substitute. These pen-based devices, nonetheless, rely on handwriting recognition expertise, which continues to be in its infancy.

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The distinction between minicomputers of huge measurement and mainframes has been blurred over the past decade. However, it has turn into harder to inform apart between minicomputers and workstations. Different sizes and kinds of computers have supplied totally different providers since the invention of the primary laptop. Computers may be as large as large buildings and as small as laptops or micro controllers in cellular & embedded systems.

However, a particular workstation referred to as a “disk less” workstation doesn’t require a drive. UNIX or Windows NT is the most popular operating system for workstations. Unlike personal computers, most workstations can only be utilized by one user. Although workstations could be linked collectively to create a local-area network of computer systems, they can be used independently.


A massive network designed to offer access to a specific geographic area, corresponding to a big city, is a ________. PDAs may additionally be known as pocket computer systems, palmtops, and handheld computer systems. Division by zero is a ________ error that’s caught when this system executes. You can use the Windows ________ to examine on a nonresponsive program.

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RAM stores info briefly and permits each laptop byte of memory to be accessed directly. Design and implement a class known as Building that represents a drawing of a constructing. The parameters to the constructor should be the building’s width and peak. Each building must be coloured black and have a quantity of random home windows coloured yellow.

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Count the variety of out there slots on the motherboard. List all packages you would run simultaneously and the quantity of RAM every needs and add collectively. Divide the variety of used memory slots by the number of total reminiscence slots.


The set of particular, sequential steps that describe exactly what a computer program must do to complete the work is called a ________. Using hard disk house to briefly retailer information or directions from RAM is referred to as ________.

Which Is The Lightest Of The Next Kinds Of Computers?

Mainframes can run extra concurrent packages than supercomputers, which makes them extra highly effective. Supercomputers can execute one program extra shortly than mainframes.